Packing Services

Relocating for the First Time? Here's What You Need to Know

When opting for packing services from a moving company, the process is typically separated into two distinct phases: packing and unpacking. This generally occurs days before the actual moving day. A specialized packing team, equipped with all necessary packing materials such as boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, tape, and markers, will arrive and carefully wrap fragile items, categorizing belongings by room or function. Furniture may be disassembled as needed and reassembled in your new home. Once everything is boxed up and labeled clearly, a detailed inventory list is made called the Bill of Lading. This will serve as a reference when loading the truck and upon arrival at your new home. The unpacking phase takes place after your belongings have been safely transported to your new residence. The unpacking team will open each box, starting with essential items for immediate use. Furniture is reassembled, electronics are set up, and items are placed in designated areas based on your preferences. Once the unpacking is complete, they'll remove and dispose of all packing materials, leaving your new space clutter-free and ready for you to settle in.

Packing and Unpacking Services FAQ

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Our Packing and Unpacking Services

Full-Service and Labor-Only

Whether you need an entire move that includes packing and unpacking, or you just need packing help for your DIY move, Discipled Movers are the experts that can help.

Packing Services

Our packing crew is expertly trained to pack your belongings securely and use only the best packing supplies to keep your items safe throughout transport.

Unpacking Services

Whether you need an extra hand, don’t have the time, or want the added convenience, you can take advantage of our unpacking services, with each item unpacked in their designated room.

Tailored to Your Move

: We fit our packing services to match what you need, whether that means packing up everything and unpacking everything or packing just a few key items.


What Do Packing Services for a Move Typically Include?

Packing services for a move include a wide range of tasks designed to provide an efficient and stress-free transition. This often means supplying packing materials, systematically wrapping furniture to prevent damage, boxing up personal and household items, carefully disassembling larger or bulky items to be reassembled at the destination, and labeling boxes for easy identification. China, glassware, dishware, and antiques would be paramount. You would also have the option for unpacking, which would include items being unwrapped and placed into their correct rooms. Additionally, a reliable service will often provide a detailed inventory of all packed items to track every possession during the move.

At Discipled Movers, our approach to packing is grounded in precision and meticulous planning. Our team is trained to handle an extensive array of items, from the most delicate heirlooms to bulky equipment. Whether it's your cherished fine art, an antique grandfather clock, or a sophisticated office setup, we have honed our techniques to ensure that each piece is not only packed but also safeguarded against potential transit hazards.


How Much Do Packing Services for a Move Typically Cost?

The cost of packing services can vary widely based on a host of factors. On average, for smaller residences such as apartments, the price might range from $300 to $700, while larger homes or those with specialized items can see costs ranging from $800 to over $2,000. These figures are influenced by factors like the number of rooms, types of belongings, special care items, regional pricing differences, and how much you want packed.

Being deeply rooted in the Denver community, Discipled Movers is keen on offering both value and transparent pricing. We've structured our pricing model to ensure that our neighbors and customers always feel they're receiving service that is worth every penny. Every quote reflects our commitment to quality, experience, and unparalleled care.


What Are the Benefits of Hiring Professional Packing Services for a Move?

Choosing professional packing services is about peace of mind. With professionals at the helm, homeowners can be confident that their belongings are safeguarded, their time is utilized efficiently, potential moving-related stress is diminished, the right packing materials are being employed, and the entire process is streamlined and organized. Unpacking services lean into this, making sure that you can have a truly hands-free moving experience with this optimal service.

Choosing Discipled Movers elevates this experience. As a trusted Denver institution, our reputation precedes us. Our background-checked team embodies our ethos of commitment, efficiency, and personalized care when handling all of your items. From navigating the complexities of packing up delicate, specialty items to orchestrating last-minute moves, we ensure that every move feels like a masterfully choreographed dance.


How to Choose the Best Packing Services for a Move?

The ideal packing service should tick several boxes: a stellar reputation, a proven track record of reliability, appropriate licensing and insurance, clarity in pricing, and an array of service offerings that cater to diverse needs. We urge you to look for a locally owned and operated moving company as opposed to a national chain so that you can get moving and packing services from a local team who cares.

In the world of moving, Discipled Movers is a standout. With a large number of glowing online reviews, we've demonstrated our consistent commitment to excellence. Our suite of services, ranging from senior relocations to intricate condo moves, is a testament to our versatility and dedication to meeting every unique need. We are proud to be an independently owned business, located right in the Denver area.


Are Packing Materials Usually Provided by the Packing Services?

A cornerstone of any quality packing service is suitable packing materials. This includes everything from sturdy boxes and bubble wrap to protective coverings tailored for fragile or unique items. While most moving companies will have the option for packing supplies, you are able to elect to use your own packing supplies as well. However, due to liability reasons, movers will only want to pack boxes that are of good quality and won’t cause potential damage.

At Discipled Movers, our commitment to safeguarding your belongings is paramount. To that end, we've curated a selection of premium packing materials designed to protect and cushion. You may buy from us as you choose. Whether it's the specialized boxes for fine art shipping or the unique considerations for antique moving, our materials and methods are second to none.


Do Packing Services Also Offer Unpacking at the New Location?

Unpacking services, often seen as the other half of the moving coin, are usually offered as optional additions by many moving companies. Beyond just moving items in, a solid unpacking service helps organize, set up, and breathe life into a new space, transforming a house into a home, saving you time and stress. This will include placing larger items as well as unpacking boxes.

At Discipled, we recognize that the move isn't over once the truck is empty. Our tailor-made unpacking services are designed to resonate with our client's visions for their new spaces. This, along with our packing services, is an optional add-on and can be tailored to your needs. That means we can help unpack just a few select items or handle everything.


What Precautions Do Packing Services Take to Ensure Items Are Not Damaged During the Move?

Any good packing service employs a multi-pronged approach to ensure item safety. This means a combination of top-tier packing materials, methodical packing techniques, and dedicated handling protocols to shield against potential damages. Fragile items receive special attention, and everything from furniture to personal effects is safeguarded. This is why you need to search for a moving company that properly trains their packers.

Discipled Movers elevates this principle. Every member of our background-checked team is trained to uphold our stringent standards. Each item, be it a grand piano or a cherished piece of art, is handled with reverence, ensuring a journey free from mishaps. As a locally based moving company, we aim to help you, not only as your mover, but as your neighbor.


What Is the Process to Schedule a Packing Service for a Move?

Scheduling a packing service is typically a multi-step process: initial outreach, detailed discussions to understand the scope, receiving an estimate, and finally, locking in the packing date and specifics several days before your move. With your moving company, you should be assigned a dedicated moving specialist who will work with you through the process and be available for any questions that you may have.

With Discipled Movers, this process is streamlined yet thorough. Our deep-rooted Denver presence means we're always accessible, and our range of services speaks to our adaptability. We have staff ready to work with you and an owner that is on-site and involved, ready to help you through your packing process and move. Once you reach out to us, you will get a moving specialist who will guide you through the process.