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Moving for the First Time?

Once you've selected a moving company, you'll receive a quote detailing the costs based on the weight and volume of your belongings, the distance of the move, and any additional services you've chosen. This will all be laid out in your Order of Service. At this point, you will be assigned a moving specialist to oversee and guide you through the process. For those in need of assistance with packing, you can schedule these as an additional service. Typically, this is done a few days before the scheduled move. On the day of the move, the movers will efficiently load your belongings, transport them to the new location, and then proceed with unloading. You will receive a Bill of Lading listing all items loaded onto the truck, which will then need to be checked off as each item is unloaded into your new home. Once everything is in place, you should conduct a walkthrough of all your items to ensure everything has been delivered intact and in its rightful place. The move concludes with a final confirmation with the team leader to ensure satisfaction with the job done.

Last-Minute Moving FAQ

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Our Last-Minute Moving Services

Same-Day Moving Available

Have an emergency move that needs to get done today? We can help! Contact us for availability, and we’ll send out movers out to make your emergency move stress-free.

Flexible Scheduling

It can be difficult to fit a last-minute move into your schedule, which is why we offer flexible scheduling to ensure that we meet your emergency moving needs.

Full-Service & Labor-Only

Whether you need your entire last-minute move handled or just want some moving labor to help load and unload your rented truck, Discipled has you covered.

Packing Services

We offer optional packing and unpacking that is tailor-fit to your move so that you have the option for a truly hands-free last-minute moving experience.

What Are the Costs Associated With Last-Minute Movers?

Last-minute moves typically have a different cost structure compared to relocations planned out well in advance. On average, for such impromptu moves, clients can expect to pay anywhere from 10% to 50% more than standard moving fees. Factors such as the size and scale of the move, the distance involved, the immediacy of the request, and even specific days of the week can impact the final price tag. To provide a ballpark figure, last-minute moving services often have surcharges ranging from $150 to $500 above regular rates, depending on the details of the move.

Discipled Movers understands the financial considerations that come with unexpected moving needs. While we aim to balance our commitment to exceptional service with affordability, we always emphasize clarity in our pricing. Clients receive comprehensive, itemized estimates that provide insight into each expense, ensuring they feel informed and valued throughout their moving journey.

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How Quickly Can Last-Minute Movers Be Available?

The rapid availability of movers is a vital component of last-minute moving. Some companies might have schedules packed for weeks, while others, due to efficient management, can provide services within hours or a day. Be upfront about how soon you need your services so you can weed out the movers who do not have the ability to handle your move.

For us at Discipled, responsiveness isn't just a buzzword—it's a commitment. Our extensive experience and deeply rooted community ties in Denver empower us to cater to sudden relocation needs. With flexible hours to work around your schedule, we're equipped to accommodate even the most pressing requests, ensuring your move is handled.


Are There Additional Fees for Last-Minute Services?

Last-minute relocations inherently come with challenges that can cause increased costs for moving companies. The urgency often requires adjustments in schedules, allocation of additional manpower, or even the potential rescheduling of other jobs. These demands can lead to extra costs that are then reflected in the overall fee for urgent services.

At Discipled, our dedication to transparency means we're upfront about these costs and the reasons behind them. While we always strive to offer competitive prices, it's essential to understand that additional fees for last-minute services are not arbitrary. They are rooted in genuine operational needs and our commitment to maintaining the high standards we set for every job. Every charge is carefully calculated, ensuring our clients receive top-notch service while supporting our ability to respond effectively to immediate moving needs. By doing so, we not only uphold our reputation for excellence but also invest in our team's capability to deliver under pressure.


What Type of Insurance Coverage Do Last-Minute Movers Offer?

In the moving industry, valuation determines the mover's liability in the event of damage or loss of goods. By government regulation, all moving companies are mandated to offer Limited Liability Coverage, which compensates at a minimal rate of 10 cents per pound per item. While this might seem like protection, its real-world application can often be inadequate. For instance, if a 50-pound television, valued at $1,000, is damaged, the compensation would only be $5 under this coverage. This is why most movers offer Full Value Protection at an additional rate. This ensures the full repair, replacement, or reimbursement for damaged items.

At Discipled, we offer both Limited Liability Coverage and Full Value Protection to ensure that you have options for how you want to be covered. You can even declare your most expensive items, those coming in at $100 per pound per item, as Items of Extraordinary Value.


Can Last-Minute Movers Handle Specialty Items or Fragile Belongings?

Relocating specialty items, especially on a tight schedule, poses a unique set of challenges. These items often have intricate details, carry sentimental value, or are simply difficult to move without damage. Handling them requires more than just strength—it demands expertise, specialized equipment, and an innate understanding of the item's vulnerabilities. You should only choose last-minute movers who are adept at navigating obstacles, whether it's maneuvering a grand piano through a narrow doorway or ensuring an antique vase remains undamaged on a bumpy road.

Our versatility is one of our greatest strengths. With a team skilled in diverse moving services—from pianos to art and antiques—we're prepared for all scenarios. Our dedicated services, like antiques moving and fine art shipping, are a testament to our commitment to care, ensuring that every item, no matter how delicate, is in safe hands.


Do Last-Minute Movers Provide Packing Materials and Assistance?

One of the paramount challenges with last-minute moves is the limited time available for packing. A rushed pack-up can lead to disorganization, potential damage to belongings, and unnecessary stress. Many moving companies offer packing services, but the availability and quality of these services, especially under time constraints, can significantly vary. The right materials, from bubble wrap to sturdy boxes, combined with expert packing techniques, are crucial for the safety and organization of items during the move. Be sure to reach out to your movers to see if their services match your needs.

Discipled rises to this challenge. We are proud to be full-service movers, offering everything you need for your move, including handling packing. Recognizing the pressures of a last-minute move, we come equipped with packing materials and a team trained to pack efficiently and safely. Every item, from books to breakables, is packed with precision, ensuring it reaches its new home unscathed.

How Do I Find Reliable and Reputable Last-Minute Movers?

Finding trustworthy last-minute movers can be an uphill task, especially when time is of the essence. While flashy advertisements and bold claims can grab attention, it's the substance behind the marketing that truly matters. Detailed research involving checking online reviews, seeking recommendations, reading customer testimonials, and verifying company credentials is imperative to weed out the mediocre from the outstanding and find your perfect moving match.

Discipled Movers is proud of its legacy in Denver. Our independence as a moving company, coupled with an abundance of glowing online reviews, is a testament to our dedication. Every move, every item, every customer story has shaped us, driving our commitment to be Denver's trusted moving partner, no matter how last-minute the requirement.