Gun Safe Movers

Relocating for the First Time? Here's What You Need to Know

Before moving day, as a gun-safe owner, you'll coordinate with a professional moving company, facilitated by a Moving Coordinator, who will discuss your specific needs, plan the safest and most efficient route for the move, and prepare all necessary documentation, including an Order of Service detailing all of the services you have requested. On the day of the move, the team of movers will arrive at your location with specialized equipment such as dollies, moving blankets, and rigging equipment. Your gun-safe will be wrapped and protected to prevent any damage during transit, then skillfully maneuvered out of your residence, considering every corner, stair, and narrow passageway. For an in-house move, they will simply move it to the correct room. For local or long-distance moves, the safe will be carefully loaded onto the moving truck. You and the driver will then review and finalize the Bill of Lading and the agreed-upon charges and provide you a copy for your records. The moving company will transport and unload your gun-safe into your new home, and you will finish the move by taking a walkthrough of all the items and confirming with the driver.

Gun-Safe Moving FAQs

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Our Local Moving Services

In-Home, Local, and Long-Distance

Whether you’re moving your gun-safe around your home and want it done safely, or moving around Denver or across state lines, we've got you covered.

Full-Service Moving

While some gun-safe movers will only move your gun-safe, we are full-service and can handle your entire move in addition to your gun-safe, serving as your one-stop shop.

Professional Equipment

We utilize top-notch, specialized equipment for secure handling and transport of your gun-safe. This equipment ensures the safety of both the gun-safe and your home.

Warehouse Storage

If you need to store your gun-safe during your move, we provide warehouse storage facilities with advanced security systems and climate-control.

How Do Professional Movers Transport a Gun-Safe?

Professional movers understand that moving a gun-safe is a complex task requiring expertise and specialized equipment. They typically use heavy-duty appliances, dollies, leverage straps, and protective blankets. Special care is taken while moving the safe to prevent any damage to the property or the gun-safe itself.

At Discipled Movers, we do all this and more. Our team is trained in proper lifting techniques and uses custom-designed equipment for heavy gun-safe moves. This includes utilizing soft landing spots, cushioning, and support mechanisms to minimize impact and vibrations during transport, protecting both the gun-safe and the surroundings, as well as our movers.


Are Gun Safe Movers Insured?

It's essential to hire a gun-safe mover with General Liability and Workers Comp insurance. This is one of the things that is a must to have, so be sure to ask your movers if they hold these insurances.

Discipled Movers carries both General Liability and Workers Comp insurance, providing our clients with the assurance that their entire move is protected. You can trust us with your valuable possessions knowing that we are fully insured and prepared for any unforeseen incidents.


What is the Cost of Moving a Gun-Safe?

The cost of moving a gun-safe varies depending on the size and weight of the safe, the distance of the move, and any additional services required, such as disassembling and reassembling any parts of the safe or needing to use specialized equipment due to weight or size. Prices, based on current market research, typically range from $100 to over $1000.

Discipled Movers offers in-depth quotes following a full survey of the moving requirements to give you an accurate look at what your cost will be before the move, ensuring that there are no surprise fees. Our pricing structure is transparent, and our quotes are accurate and comprehensive, giving you peace of mind in budgeting your move. We never give blind estimates over the phone.


What Precautions Do Movers Take to Ensure the Safe Isn't Damaged During the Move?

Movers generally use padding, special dollies, floor protections, and skilled techniques to prevent any damage to the safe during the move. They also ensure that the surroundings are not damaged by employing preventative measures like using protective materials for floors and corners.

At Discipled Movers, we go above and beyond to ensure the gun-safe is not damaged during transit. We use high-quality padding, careful maneuvering techniques, and additional precautionary measures to avoid any impact or scratches on the safe or your home. We respect your property and take every step necessary to protect it.


Are the Movers Trained and Experienced in Handling Gun-Safes?

It is vital to hire movers who are specifically trained and experienced in handling gun-safes. A gun-safe is not just a regular item; it's a highly valuable and difficult-to-move object that requires special attention and expertise. Many movers will not move gun-safes over a certain weight, if at all.

At Discipled Movers, all our movers undergo rigorous background checks and expert training, ensuring they are proficient in handling gun-safes, as well as properly utilizing the necessary equipment. Our team is skilled, reliable, and committed to providing the highest quality service.


What Kind of Equipment Do Movers Use to Transport Gun-Safes?

Movers use various specialized equipment, including dollies, hand trucks, lifting straps, stair climbers, floor protection, and sliders, to safely transport gun-safes. This equipment is specifically designed to manage the weight and dimensions of gun-safes to move within your home or loading and unloading into and from a moving truck.

Discipled Movers uses all the necessary equipment and more. Our team is fully equipped with professional, heavy-duty equipment to ensure a safe and efficient move. We are prepared for any moving challenges that may arise, ensuring a smooth and safe moving process for your gun-safe.


How Long Will It Take to Move the Gun-Safe?

The time it takes to move a gun-safe varies depending on whether the move is local or long-distance. In-home and local moves can be done within the day, while long-distance moves may take a few days. For long-distance moves, use the rule of thumb of one day for loading, one day for unloading, and one day for every 500 miles traveled.

Discipled Movers, as an independently owned moving company, is able to provide a streamlined moving experience. We prioritize efficiency without compromising safety, ensuring your gun-safe is relocated quickly and securely, regardless of the distance. If you have a specific date that you would like to be moved in by, be sure to reach out right away to secure your ideal moving date.