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Relocating for the First Time? Here's What You Need to Know

To start the moving process, you will get a quote from your potential movers, which should include a thorough survey of your items. Once you decide on a moving company, you will be introduced to a moving specialist who will help you with your pre-moving day preparations. These include creating an inventory list, decluttering, and changing your address. They arrive at your location and load your packaged and labeled boxes onto their trucks. As each item is loaded onto the truck, it will be added to a Bill of Lading, which will then need to be checked off as the items are unloaded from the truck. If you opted-in for packing services, this will have been completed at an agreed-upon prior date. While the movers handle the unloading, you will be conducting a final walkthrough of your old home, making sure nothing is overlooked. Once everything is loaded, the movers transport your possessions to your new home, where they will be carefully unloaded.

Local Moving FAQs

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Our Local Moving Servicess

Full-Service and Labor-Only

We offer full-service moving, where we handle everything, including sending our crew and truck, and labor-only moving, where we just send our crew.

Packing Services

This optional service includes packing of some or all of your items with top-quality supplies. You can also opt-in for unpacking services for a hands-free move.

Specialty Moving

Our crew is trained for all types of moving, including antiques, fine art, senior moving, and more, with the expertise to keep the process stress-free.

Warehouse Storage

If you need to store your belongings during the move, we have you covered with warehouse storage integrated into your move with climate control.


How Do I Find the Best Local Movers in Denver?

Finding a reliable moving company requires a keen understanding of what to look for and the right questions to ask. Start by seeking recommendations from friends and family, or explore online platforms for local movers with good reviews. Inspect their website, paying close attention to their services, pricing, and overall professionalism. Be sure to consider these questions when deciding on a mover:

Does the company provide the specific services I need?

Are their prices transparent and competitive?

What do their online reviews and complaints say about their performance?

After narrowing down a list of potential movers, request detailed written quotes. Choose a company that offers comprehensive, accurate, and fair pricing, taking into account all your moving needs. Remember, an excellent local mover isn't just about competitive prices but also reliability, professionalism, and quality of service.


How Much Does a Local Moving Company Cost?

To accurately assess the cost of moving services, reputable companies conduct comprehensive surveys, either in-person or virtually. The assessment includes the size and weight of the items, distance of the move, specific packing requirements, and any additional services like storage or packing. Be wary of companies that provide quotes without a thorough examination of your moving needs, as this could lead to unexpected costs down the line.

Discipled Movers ensures you're fully aware of what you're paying for, offering comprehensive in-home or virtual surveys to provide accurate quotes with no hidden charges. We believe in transparency and fairness, delivering the promise of an honest quote, not vague estimations over the phone.


How Soon Can Movers Complete a Local Move?

Several factors influence the duration of a local move, including the size of the move, the distance between locations, and the efficiency of the moving crew. Therefore, it is advised to contact a mover several weeks to a couple of months ahead of your desired moving date, especially during the busy summer months when moving companies get booked fast.

At Discipled Movers, we pride ourselves on our efficient, streamlined process. As an independent mover, we have the flexibility to cater to your moving needs without compromising on service quality. Our dedicated team is even able to offer last-minute moving services.


How Do I Judge Their Online Reviews?

Online reviews provide insightful customer experiences, giving you a sense of the company's service quality. Look at the overall rating, number of reviews, how recent their reviews are, and whether or not they reply to reviews, especially negative ones. This demonstrates their dedication to customer satisfaction.

Discipled Movers takes pride in our hundreds of positive online reviews. We encourage you to explore our Google Reviews and see how our professionalism, integrity, and high-quality services have left hundreds of customers satisfied with their local move.


Will My Movers Provide Guarantees for Their Moving Services?

Guaranteed pricing with no hidden fees is a crucial thing to look for when choosing a moving company. Unexpected costs can significantly disrupt your moving budget and cause unnecessary stress. With a broad estimate, there is also the possibility that your moving company will even surprise you with hidden costs after your belongings are already loaded into the truck. It’s key to look for guaranteed pricing to avoid issues during your move. So be sure to ask for an Order of Service, covering all aspects of your move.

At Discipled Movers, we emphasize transparency in our pricing. We provide comprehensive quotes that factor in all moving elements, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the cost and no unexpected surprises.


Will I be Covered for Damaged or Lost Items During My Move?

Government regulation requires that all movers offer 60 cents per pound per item of coverage on your move in the form of Moving Valuation. However, since this is often not enough, many moving companies offer options for increased coverage at an added cost. If any issues do arise, you can contact the moving company directly to begin filing a claim. If you notice anything on moving day, be sure to alert your driver, who will provide you with the Bill of Lading inventorying every item loaded onto the moving truck or van.

Discipled Movers offers both Limited Liability Coverage, which is the 60 cents per pound per item of coverage option, and Full Value Protection, which means that we would replace, repair, or give a full cash settlement for any damaged items. You will have the freedom to choose the protection that best suits your needs and ensures peace of mind during your move.


Can My Local Move Fit Around My Schedule?

The moving industry experiences peak seasons, notably during summer, making it important to schedule your move as early as possible to secure your preferred date. Most moving companies will work with you to meet the needs of your schedule, but it’s more likely that you will get the date you want the earlier you call. During most times of the year, getting a date within a week or two is the norm.

At Discipled Movers, we strive to accommodate your scheduling needs to the best of our abilities, even moving on evenings and weekends as needed. We recommend reaching out as early as possible, even if you don't have an exact date to get started on your local move and locked into a date that works for you.