Apartment Movers

Moving for the First Time?

You will start your apartment move by accepting a quote from the moving company, which you will get after an in-depth walkthrough of your items. Once you decide to proceed with the company based on the quote, you'll be assigned a moving specialist, who will work closely with you to plan and coordinate all aspects of the move. Prior to the move, the company will provide an Order of Service, which is a detailed document listing all agreed-upon services, dates, and fees. If your apartment building has an elevator, it's crucial to reserve it for the moving date to avoid delays and conflicts with other tenants. Should you opt for packing services, a team will arrive a few days before the move to pack your items. On moving day, the crew will load your items onto the moving truck. You'll receive a Bill of Lading, which serves both as a contract between you and the mover and as a receipt. As your possessions are unloaded at the new location, each item is checked off on this document. Once the unloading process is complete, you'll do a walkthrough and confirm completion with the team leader to conclude your move.

Apartment Moving FAQ

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Our Apartment Moving Services

Flexible Scheduling

We understand the restrictions that apartment buildings can give for moving in or out, which is why we provide flexible scheduling to match the terms of your lease.

Full-Service & Labor-Only

Whether you want an entire move, including transportation, or just need a moving crew to help you load or unload your rented truck or a POD, we are able to meet your needs.

Local & Long-Distance

Whether you’re moving around Denver, across Colorado, or to another state, we are equipped to make the process easy as an independently-owned moving company.

Packing & Unpacking

Our crew is able to pack your belongings with proper training and all of the right supplies to keep them safe. We even offer unpacking for a convenient moving process.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Apartment Movers?

Local apartment moves are typically priced based on factors such as the number of rooms, distance to be traveled, and time taken. As a general estimate, the cost can range from $200 to $1,500. For long-distance apartment relocations, several variables play a role: the overall distance, the weight of the belongings, and any additional services requested, leading to prices between $1,000 to $8,000 or even more.

At Discipled Movers, we prioritize offering value. Our competitive pricing is designed to be transparent and reflective of the top-tier service we provide. Whether you're relocating within the city's boundaries or embarking on a cross-country move, our experienced, background-checked team strives to deliver unparalleled service without burning a hole in your pocket. We provide quotes with surveys of all of your items so that you get an accurate price with no surprise fees.

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What Services Will the Apartment Movers Provide?

While the primary responsibility of apartment movers is the transportation of goods from one location to another, many companies expand their offerings. Base services typically include transportation, loading, and unloading, while add-on services might include packing, unpacking, and specialty item handling. Some moving companies may even offer labor-only moving help, where they just send their crew with no moving truck.

Discipled Movers, with our extensive portfolio, is your one-stop solution for all moving needs. We handle every aspect of your apartment move, from start to finish. That includes the loading and unloading of your items, as well as the transportation to your new home, all within our base services. We even offer optional services and options, such as packing and unpacking and labor-only moving.


How Do They Handle Delicate or Valuable Items?

Ensuring the safety of delicate or valuable items is paramount for professional movers. This often means employing specialized packing materials, customized techniques, and sometimes even dedicated transport solutions. Different items require different training and supplies, so be sure that your movers do a survey of all of your items before giving you a quote so that they know before your move how to handle all of your belongings.

At Discipled, we recognize the sentimental and monetary worth of your valuables. Be it antiques, heirlooms, or prized art collections, our team is specially trained to handle such items with the utmost care. By leveraging top-of-the-line packing materials and best-in-class techniques, we go the extra mile to safeguard your possessions against potential harm during transit.


What Size of Moving Trucks Do They Have?

The variety in the sizes of moving trucks allows companies to cater to diverse requirements. From compact vans suitable for minimalistic studio apartments to spacious vans capable of accommodating the contents of large apartments, the type of truck the moving company sends is crucial. With an accurate survey of your items, your moving company will be able to plan accordingly to match your needs.

Discipled Movers is equipped with a versatile fleet available to handle any size move. Our range of vehicles, from minivans to full semi moving vans, ensures that, regardless of the scale of your move, we have the perfect fit to transport your belongings safely and efficiently. We even offer labor-only moving services, where our crew can help you load or unload your rented truck.


How Long Will the Apartment Moving Process Take?

Moving timelines can vary significantly. Local relocations, given their shorter distances, might only take 1-3 days. In contrast, long-distance moves can span several days, or even weeks, especially when factoring in distance in miles, road conditions, weather, and rest stops, if required. For out-of-state moves, the biggest factor is distance.

At Discipled, efficiency is key. Our unique model as an independent moving company, which employs the same truck, driver, and crew for long-distance relocations, greatly streamlines the process. This approach not only enhances the safety and security of your belongings but also significantly reduces the transit time so that we can complete local moves generally the same day, and out-of-state moves the same week.


Do They Offer a Free Quote and In-Home Consultation?

Reputable moving companies often offer free quotes to provide customers with a preliminary understanding of the moving costs. Some also provide in-home consultations, which allow for a more accurate gauge of the scope and needs of the move. These can be done in-person with a walkthrough of your home or over the phone or video for a virtual option. You should always avoid blind estimates given over the phone, as they’re not in writing and subject to change.

Discipled Movers stands by the principles of transparency and client engagement. We offer complimentary quotes and believe in direct interactions through in-home consultations. This face-to-face engagement helps us tailor our services more closely to your specific needs and provides an opportunity to address any concerns you might have. For your convenience, we offer virtual survey options. Please let us know which works best for you, and we’ll give you a written, binding quote.

Can They Provide Reviews From Previous Clients?

When considering a moving company, potential customers should dive deep into reviews. Platforms like Google Customer Reviews are invaluable, allowing you to assess a mover's track record based on the number of reviews received, whether those reviews are recent or dated, the overall score from the reviews, and the company's engagement with the feedback.

We at Discipled Movers are transparent about our client experiences. Boasting hundreds of online reviews, we are proud of the reputation we've built over the years. We encourage you to explore these Google Customer Reviews to gain an understanding of our dedication, professionalism, and commitment to customer satisfaction.


What Is Their Policy If Something Gets Damaged Or Lost During The Move?

Moving companies usually offer valuation protection to safeguard clients' interests. This can take the form of Limited Liability Coverage, where compensation is based on a per-pound rate. This is offered by all moving companies, as the government regulation mandates at least 60 cents per pound per item) or Full Value Protection which offers comprehensive coverage through a full reimbursement, replacement, or repair of your belongings.

At Discipled Movers, we make sure you are covered by offering a range of moving valuation options. This includes both Limited Liability Coverage and Full Value Protection, as well as allowing you to declare Items of Extraordinary Coverage for items worth over $100 per pound per item. You decide and let us work it into your quote.